With regret, we have decided discontinue our consumer-focused activities. This means you can no longer open an account with RISE.

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The payment card and app to learn money skills

Create a safe space for your child to practise how to spend, save and set goals.


Prepare your child for their financial future

Shine a light on the world of money.

Money skills are learned by doing

RISE debit card your kid can use in every store, restaurant.

Their first payment card

A secure colourful debit card that's accepted globally. Kids get a real taste of financial freedom!

RISE Piggy icon- The child has full control to make his/her own decisions to spend, save or invest.

Money app for kids

Kids manage their own spending & saving budget, and make real-life trade-offs between the now and the future.

The RISE parental app is to manage and get real time updates.

Parent overview app

Keep an eye on your child’s money habits without making the decision for them.

RISE provides parental controls.

Parental controls

Set automatic allowances, spending limits and receive real-time alerts.

RISE Dart icon- Your kid can set the goal,  track the progress and celebrate the achievement.

Kids set & track goals

Your child sets Savings Goals and tracks the evolution towards reaching them.

Unlock your kid’s financial freedom

The RISE payment card can be used to make safe purchases online and in the real world.

Watch healthy money habits form

You watch as your kids learn how to manage their money in the best way possible - by doing.

Create a safe space to practice

Accounts can’t be overdrawn so mistakes are contained to small ‘oops’ moments.

The teen screen is a RISE feature that focuses on teaching kids the importance of saving with a purpose and buying themselves what they want with their own money.

Convey the value of money

Kids learn about how making small savings today get them closer and closer to big goals over time.

Ready to RISE?

Get started in just 3 simple steps

Download RISE and create
your parent account
Send an invitation to
your child to join you
Once your child joins, we
ship their RISE card

Get started 45 days for free

In your parent overview, you can supervise and set parental controls for your child. Kids get the RISE money app and their own RISE card to help them practice the ins and outs of managing their (pocket) money.

The iconic RISE card with the RISE pattern. Use it in every store, restaurant and withdraw cash in any ATM. The subscription is only 2.99 euros per month.
/month per child
No hidden fees. No overdraft. Cancel anytime.
Free Mastercard debit card for your child
The RISE money app for kids
Parent overview app
Unlimited savings goals
Spending limits & allowance controls
Real time alerts & notifications
No fees in Eurozone
Funds secured by DGS

Other parents asked us these questions

What's the minimum age?

RISE is available to any preadolescent, with an age minimum of 10 years old. Parents must sign up simultaneously to activate the account.

How does RISE keep my child safe?

RISE blocks ‘unsafe’ spending categories, sends real-time transaction notifications and gives parents control over how much children can withdraw at an ATM or spend on a monthly basis. We also provide additional layers of protection to our families with the ability to turn your card on or off directly in the app. Your funds are held in a holding account from our banking partner and are protected fully by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Where can my child use the RISE card?

RISE comes with a Mastercard Debit Card with a CVC code, meaning that your child's card is accepted everywhere, online and in-store. Parents can load money instantly onto their RISE parent app and send money to their child. RISE also comes with a "no overdraft" system, so you'll never have to worry about your teen's balance dropping into the red.

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