Did you know….? The buyer edition

Julie Vandermeulen
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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Here are 3 cheeky facts about buying stuff that will leave you 🤯

You’ve got 2 weeks to return online purchases

Ordered something online and its not what you wanted? The classic “what they advertised versus what you received” moment?‍

You always have 2 weeks to return your online purchases. The 2 window starts the second you receive your purchase*.

Make sure you clearly state that you want to return your purchase - and you don’t even legally have to give a reason.

*Heads up! Your purchase being in your postbox counts as being within your possession. Sneaky.

You have a two-year warranty on everything you buy.

Hearing your annoying sibling through those noise-cancelling AirPods?

Do the wheels of your skateboard make even the smoothest roads feel like the surface of the moon?

Spent money and the product is faulty? Take it back to the store, no questions.

They have to help you for two years.

*Heads up! Make sure you keep the receipts - they are e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

The sales fall on the exact same dates every year

Oh yes. You read that right. That is what the government has decided.

Twice a year you can pick up some bargains like clockwork - so you know when to put off buying something now that might come up in the sale period later!

They run from:

→January 3 to January 31 (If January 3rd is a Sunday, they start a day earlier.)

→July 1 to July 31

How many did you already know?

Did you know?

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Julie Vandermeulen
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