Having the convo about pocket money

Clare Rebecca Fenech
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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Ok ok - deep breath, deep breath.

It’s time - time for the conversation.

Here it goes.

”Mum, Dad - I need pocket money”

”What for?”

…… “Stuff?”

If asking your parents about getting pocket money goes something like that cringe show above - don’t you worry. We’re here to help.

First off, there is no need to feel nervous about talking to your parents about money.

Here’s a simple 3 step hack on how to make this conversation as easy as cropping that ex-friend outta a photo.

1. Make sure you know why and on what you want/need to spend your money on. Make sure to give examples, parents LOVE examples.

2. Talk about their expectations. Pocket money isn't just there to be spent, but saved too. Your parents will probably want to see you doing a little bit of both because, well, parents.

3. Make sure you and your parents are both happy with what you decide - and why not make it official with our pocket money contract? They’ll be shook with the level of boss. Download the contract !


Go on, have the convo today!


Team RISE.

Did you know?

RISE is not just an app. Your kid gets its own fancy card to use in stores in front of all their friends. #alleyesonRISE

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Clare Rebecca Fenech
Copy writer
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