How to be a budgeting boss

Charlotte Gybels
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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Hold it RIGHT there.

Did we see an eye-roll? Sure it sounds like a drag - we get you.

But seriously, it doesn’t have to be. And its actually a damn good skill to finesse.


Well, it helps you learn how to always have the money you need for what you want.

Read that again.

Sounds awesome right? You haven’t got the time to be worrying about money, you’ve got reels to make, TikTok challenges to nail. You’re busy being woke AF. That stuff takes TIME.

So here’s a super quick look into the basics of what you’ll need to do.

Don’t worry, it’s not ALL about seeing how much you spend at Starbucks.

1. Look back.

Write down everything you spent last month. Be honest, however cringe it might be.

2. Negotiate like a pro.

Now that you know what you're spending, it's time to negotiate (with your parents, of course). Make sure you go into the conversation with a clear idea of
- how much you pay on essentials each month
- what you currently spend your money on
- future plans (we’ll explain this in a second) Your parents MAY have very different opinions on this but that’s the whole point of negotiation and discussion.

3. Look to the future.

Anything cool you can see yourself doing/having in the future? Don’t be afraid to put down the big dreams goals. Small goals are equally as welcome here. It’s all about weighing up what’s important now versus what’s you feel might be important in the future. Does how you currently spend your pocket money help or hinder your steps to those sweet sweet dreams and goals?


Budgeting isn’t just about knowing and planning what you spend.

Its about making conscious choices today for tomorrow and the day after, and the day after.. and the da.. you get our point. #woke

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Charlotte Gybels
Dutch content writer
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