How to be a money conscious, forward-thinking boss

Charlotte Gybels
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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Ever thought about how much money is actually worth?

No no, we’re not talking about knowing the prices of things or being damn fine at maths.

But how much money is worth (do the italics help? No, we didn't think so either)

Knowing something worth is being conscious of it  - so when it comes to money, that’s knowing how much you spend, what you’re spending it on and what you’d like to save for in the future.

You could spend all your money on popcorn and the cinema, but you won’t have any left over for those concert tickets, those new AirPods or even plane tickets.

So knowing the worth of money is being smart about it in the present as you know how much its gonna affect your future #deep

The cool thing is?

You don’t have to super woke and into yoga to learn how to be money conscious.

Use our RISE Pocket Money planner - write down how much you think you’re gonna spend over a week and look back to see if you estimated right.


When you get used to doing this over and over again? Well damn, consider yourself a budgeting PRO.

And woke as hell.

Until next time,


Did you know?

RISE is not just an app. Your kid gets its own fancy card to use in stores in front of all their friends. #alleyesonRISE

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Charlotte Gybels
Dutch content writer
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