Money habits and kids - where do yours fit in?

Charlotte Gybels
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"How come you’re doing it like that?”

"I don't know - I’ve always done it this way!"

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

We all have habits that we can't even remember when we picked up. Whether its how you load the dishwasher or how you tie your shoelaces.

It’s actually no different with how you handle your money.

Did you know - according to a study by Cambridge University (they tend to know their stuff) - you already acquire habits by the age of just seven that ultimately determine how you will deal with money as an adult?*

So as a result, the earlier you teach your kids how to handle money effectively, the more likely your child will have a future with fewer financial worries 👌

So, how do you recognise habits relating to money in your own little people?

Introducing the RISE money personality quiz!

We like to make things fun for you and your kid, so we’ve developed habits based off jungle animal types - funky animals are much easier to remember too!

The quiz doesn't just reveal your kids money personality, but gives tips and tricks that underpin  their specific money-habit types.

Will you child be one animal or a wild hybrid of many? Let’s find out!


Think super social and super chatty - and they know it too.

Hyenas are masters at convincing you of anything, so rather than think about whether they have enough money for something, they know they can win you over by talking the talk and giving you that cheeky smile.

Get started with the RISE pocket money planner! What does your child really want and which savings goals do they want to see approaching? You don't have to worry about an account that is heading for zero in the future.


Is your child a bit of a hipster?

Just like lion they know how to lead the way - especially when it comes to trends, regardless of the price.

See your kid walking around with a new hairstyle? They’re ahead of the game - they lead the hype, not follow it.

Shape bought trends for DIY originality!

Teach your child that everything doesn't have to be expensive and that originality is just as much fun. Whether its customising their old backpack to making their own colourful hair scrunchies,  grab some snacks and get DIYing together.

The money your kid saves from not having to buy into the latest trend? That will look real good in their RISE youth account.


Friendly and super frugal, if you kid counts the pennies more than they relax, you’ve got yourself a little piggy in the house.

They save later, which is great, but often forget to indulge themselves from time to time.

Head out together. Ask your kid what they enjoy, be it going to the cinema, buying ice-cream or going to a theme park and make sure they treat themselves every now again. You'll get to spend quality time together too (not to mention channeling your inner child)


HAKUNA MATATA, or seize the day. The care-free cousin of pig, warthogs spend money like nobody’s business.

A party? The warthog is first in line - with snacks!

A gloomy day?  The warhead heads straight to the shops.

With all that instant fun and instant gratification, there is little to save.

Have a chat to your kid about what they want in the long-term. What would putting a little aside a month help them gain in the future? Satisfaction can also be felt watching the numbers in their savings account rise. The main message? A little fun now, or a big reward full of fun later?

With the RISE app, both you and your child see savings goals approaching - fun guaranteed.


Woah there big thinker.

Creative, future-thinking and always thinking outside the box? You’ve got yourself a chimpanzee.

Allowances? What are they? Your child talks about NFTs and cryptos.

Try to keep up with your child. You'll soon be up to speed with the latest financial trends. If your teen can understand it and still not know how to boil an egg, it’ll be a walk in the park for you.


The elephant - known to be one of the most caring mammals on the planet.

Always ready to help and cheer people up, your kid wouldn't think twice about putting themselves at a disadvantage to make sure others thrive - sometimes at the cost of their own expenses.

Reverse the roles. Surprise your child with a gift - because those that give out kindness to freely deserve all the kindness in the world back.


The turtle in your home is more likely to focus on tomorrow than on the present.

Wise beyond their years and very capable of understanding long-term gratification, turtles consider all their options with caution before proceeding.

With the RISE app you can reward your child for being money cautious and intent on saving. Maybe it's the nice extra that your child needs towards almost reaching a savings goal?


The ostrich walks with confidence until the first sign of something challenging - then quicker that you can say ‘there’s an ostrich in my kitchen’, they’ve stuck their heads in the sand.

Think eternal optimists who prefer to not think too much, just in case it scares them.

'Everything will be fine.'

When it comes to pocket money, they’d prefer to not look at how they’re spending, preferring to deal with the repercussions later. Besides, Mom and Dad will take care of it, should it ever go wrong.

With the RISE app and payment card, you and your child will discover the fun in conscious money management. Your ostrich will never stick their head in the sand again.

Did you know?

RISE is not just an app. Your kid gets its own fancy card to use in stores in front of all their friends. #alleyesonRISE

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Charlotte Gybels
Dutch content writer
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